New Arrivals
1.Resistance Tube

Presenting a product for fitness and strength training at your home or office This unique product can tone your back muscles, reduce belly fat, improve blood circulation and
also improves your body posture. It increases the stamina, energy and vitality
of the body. The elastic resistance of the rubber training rope can be used to
train and exercise in whichever way you want, according to your physical

Specification :- A rope used for multiple uses and provides great elasticity 

Colours :- Red, Blue, Green, Black , Yellow

Brand :- Fitfix

2.AB Wheeler

This AB Wheel allows you to work out your Abs or obliques on your knees or on your toes ,in stable or unstable mode. You will continue to find this Ab Wheel useful as your fitness level increases .

Specification :- It Strengthens and Tons your Abs,Shoulder ,Arm , Back with dual ab wheel 

Colours :- Red, Blue, Green , Yellow

Brand :- Fitfix

3.Flying Disc

Specification :-This flying disc is perfect for the day , at the beach , countryside , or even in the home or Garden.A great disc for children looking to improve their Frisbee or flying disc skills. It features cute designs. It improves hand eye coordination and enhances logical thinking and cognitive skills with dexterity

Colours :- Red, Blue, Green , Yellow

Brand :- Fitfix

4. Pop Up Goals 

.Specification :-  High-grade stainless steel frames meet extra-tough soccer netting to create a pop up soccer goal post durable enough to hold up to years of active play. The Fitfix  soccer ball net set is 100% weatherproof, giving you the freedom to confidently leave it out without risk of damage

Colours :- Different Colour

Brand :- Fitfix

Size:- Big , Medium ,Small

5. Linesman Flag

.Specification :-  Made from Premium quality fabric with heavy duty PVC poles for durability. Bright colors provide clear visibility during training and these are Easy to transport and store These hvave Foam cushioned grips for comfort


Colours :- As in Figure

Brand :- Fitfix

6. Slalom Poles

.Specification :-  These poles are very flexible because of the spring attached in the middle of the pole which allows the upper part of the pole to move away when hit by any eternal force causing fewer injuries.  RUST PROTECTION: The spring of the pole is coated and does not allow the spring to rust quickly due to which these poles have a long life. The poles are made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) material which does not break easily and are very durablle

Colours :- As in Figure

Brand :- Fitfix

7. Stump Set

.Specification :-  3 Wickets & 2 Bails….1 Stumps Base for 3 Wickets…It is Best for Practice & GULLY Cricket…Stumps Set Made of Solid & 1st Grade Plastic


Colours :- Yellow

Brand :- Fitfix

7. Bat And Ball Set

.Specification :-  ·       Made of High quality Plastic which makes set strong & Suitable for good game .These are Best for 2 Year To 6 year kid. Kids Can Play Indoor as well as outdoors.Encourage the sports of cricket in your kids,Stay assured kit is safe for your home.

Colours :- Yellow

Brand :- Fitfix

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Soccer Corner Flags

This flag’s pole is all one piece, non detachable, featuring a safety spring. When hit… pole will bend and will get back to its original position.

Passing Arc

Strong passing arc with excellent grip in ground, perfect for intense workout.

Relay baton

A hollow cylinder shaped batton ,round edges ,blow moulded, non slippry but smooth to hold .
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