Plastic Hurdles

Agility Hurdles

Agility hurdles are perfect for speed & jumping drills, adjust the space between each hurdle for stride length drills. Made of PVC PIPES and different sizes are avilable. Contact us for more information

Specifications : Made of Pvc tube and is easy to lift up & for excerise to be fit forever
Colours : Different Attractive Colours
Size : 6″ , 9″ , 12″ 
Brand : Fitfix

Agility Hurdles 2 in 1

It instantly adjust hurdle’s height with innovative mechanism.
Change each hurdle’s height by rotating each leg.

Specification : Adjustable in different height..Could be adjusted easily

Colours : Different attractive Colours

Size 6″ , 9″ , 12″ 

Brand : Fitfix

Agility Hurdle Flat

It is available in 3 different sizes. Precision heavy duty agility
training fitness high flat hurdle. These are uniquely designed that will collapse if
stepped on

Specification : Flat , unbreakeble and bounce back with non harmful materials ( PVC)

Colours : Different attractive colours

Size : 6″, 9″, 12″

Brand : Fitfix

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